At Play

Young Zulu Boy Chasing Crabs
At Play

"To play" means to engage in enjoyable activity for the sake of amusement. Playing is synonymous with happiness, energy, fulfilment, youth, and exuberance. To play is a verb, a doing word, hence the titles.


This body of work captures the pleasure, the energy, the movement, the motion of physical playing. The palette is restricted to warm earthy colours, the colours of the dust in which these children play, occasionally broken by a bright white shirt or a pair of blue pants. Large free bold brush stokes, paint splatters, and unfinished elements, paint scratched into, rolled on, smeared on with a pallet knife, often end in a swift graphic sketch-like motion. In so doing energy released is encapsulated.

The games played range from kicking a ball, rolling hoops, playing on the beach or board games. Whatever the activity, it was fun. Fun is at the heart of play.

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