Moodscape 3 | Oil on canvas

In this series of Moodscapes, the artist, Hilary Grant-Currie, explores many varying South African landscapes, in particular, the ever-changing skies. The colours of the skies, cloud formations and endless visual depths of the sky beg to be recorded and appreciated. The artist captures fleeting moments felt from observing landscapes and focuses on the mood and emotion they bring, often sacrificing detail. Emphasis is placed on texture, colour and the feelings the landscapes evoke – in other words, the impression and emotiveness of a landscape.


The series have become a travel log. The landscapes are places the artist has visited, and the paintings become the “postcards” travellers used to send home to loved ones and friends, sharing their own holiday memories.

Hilary Grant-Currie draws inspiration from her surroundings, particularly from nature. Always on the lookout for adventure, her family have travelled and explored our beautiful country. When not painting, the artist can be found behind the camera lens, another passion in her life, collecting material to work from. Apart from referencing photographs, some paintings have been painted “en plein air”, while others are drawn from memory and can take on a more abstract feel.

The colours vary, depending on the actual landscape, seascape, cloudscape or even the artists own mood at the time. The physical act of painting these miniature landscape treasures have become a form of therapy for the artist, almost like doodling. It is a playful interaction of paint, brush/palette knife and the artist.

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